Natural Shampoo Bar – Lavender & Peppermint


    Our Handmade Shampoo bars are the latest and greatest in natural hair and scalp care! Infused with Lavender Essential oils and Peppermint for the refreshing feel. Freshly made onsite at our Hahndorf Soap Factory, our shampoo blocks clean the scalp and hair naturally without the use of chemicals, sulphates or any nasties! Our shampoo blocks have the added bonus of having a conditioning agent to leave your hair feeling clean and smooth! Suitable for all hair types!

    Directions for use: Simply wet shampoo bar with warm water rub in a circular motion against scalp until lather appears, add more water and lather into hair washing your hair in the normal method. Repeat this process and rinse all shampoo thoroughly our of hair. Additional conditioner may be used after for long, dry or damaged hair.

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    Only quality handmade products produced in the Adelaide Hills

    Guaranteed to pamper and soften your skin with every wash!

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